A specialist in creative strategy, ideation, user experience and concept development, Jo is currently a designer at For The People. She wholeheartedly believes in the power of design, branding and experiences on and off the screen.

Over the past nine years Jo has worked in Paris, London and Sydney, helping both global and local brands, charities, start-ups and everything in between. This broad, but intimate understanding of different cultures, has allowed her to work with clients including AGDA, Childline, The Leela Group, Seat, Sydney Cats & Dogs Home, and Sydney Opera House. Never one to sit still, Jo has begun a lateral interest into UX design, studying and incorporating this into her day-to-day role, enabling her to reach into other disciplines with greater insight and depth. 

A Colombian in Sydney, Jo still maintains strong ties with design education in Colombia, with creative workshops planned for 2016 in Bogota. She has won several awards and has spoken for organisations and colleges such as AGDA and ECV.